CloudSmartz Launches New Offering to Optimize and Simplify Dependability and Stability across All IT Assets

CloudSmartz' CloudSuite Solution offers a comprehensive approach to enterprise infrastructure with combined cloud services and managed services to reduce businesses costs and deliver a better customer experience. This offering helps customers align IT with business strategies with real-time detailed reporting through a user friendly portal to help them manage their business more effectively.

​CloudSmartz, Inc. today announced that it is now offering a CloudSmartz CloudSuite Solution, which offers a comprehensive approach to enterprise infrastructure. It will optimize and simplify dependability and stability across all IT assets within the organization.  The CloudSmartz CloudSuite Solution includes an integrated portfolio of CloudSmartz' Managed IT Services and Infrastructure as a Service Solutions. It will also extend its professional services portfolio to support strategic business cost savings and migration plans.

“We are now happy to provide a suite of services that combines our Cloud Service with Managed Services. We understand that it is important to not only provide customers excellent cloud services such as Compute, Storage, Back-up  and Disaster Recovery, but to offer customers full 24x7x365 support for their critical end-points such as servers, desktops and mobile devices. We are also very proud to be able to provide customers exceptional real-time detailed reporting through a user friendly portal that will help them manage their business,” says Mark Manioci, VP Product & Service Delivery.

CloudSmartz also offers consulting services to help customers with building different use cases to determine the right work-loads to help them easily migrate to the cloud. Their team of experts will work with the customer at their pace with no pressure to help them move into the cloud arena. Leveraging the Layer 2 Direct approach, customers may bring their services “as is” and CloudSmartz will accommodate their growth strategy in a practical manner. 

“Our customers are asking us to make sure we include our Managed Services with their Cloud needs to help simplify their lives. We are confident we will reduce their costs and deliver a better customer experience. The growing movement to align IT with Business strategies to create greater outcomes is critical and helping enterprise customer’s leverage this offering goes a long way,” according John Chapman, EVP Sales & Marketing. 

About CloudSmartz

Headquarter in Rochester, NY, CloudSmartz, Inc. is a Global IT Services company delivering a full spectrum of IT services: Software as a Service, SDN Development, IaaS, Secure Managed Services, and Business Consulting. Because of CloudSmartz’ broad range of capabilities we are able to offer superior customer experience through our innovative, agile technical solutions. We apply 20+ years of IT experience for solving unique business problems in a creative, strategic way. We make it our responsibility to have our domestic and international customers thrive by applying the best suited technology.  For more information, please visit or get to know us on Twitter and LinkedIn.